Kern County Driving School, Bakersfield Driving School, Five O DS
Kern County Driving School, #1 Bakersfield Driving School, Five O DS
Kern County Driving School, #1 Bakersfield Driving School, Five O DS


Welcome to Five O Driving School, Kern County’s Trusted Choice for Behind-the-Wheel Driver’s Training. Our motto is to Serve and Instruct! At Five O, our mission is to provide the most qualified driving instructors to better equip students so they not only pass their driver’s test, but they will become the best and safest drivers on the road. We believe in preparing students to drive in a variety of settings, so that every student at Five O Driving School will have the confidence and the skills to stay safe.

You may be asking yourself, what makes Five O Driving School different from every other Driving School in town? The answer is simple. Five O Driving School was co-founded by former Law Enforcement officers with over 35 years of experience and over 14 years of additional behind-the-wheel driver’s training. All instructors are not only qualified and licensed to teach, but all of the instructors at Five O Driving School are former public safety personnel (first responders) who have constant up-to-date traffic enforcement and driver safety training. Why would you want to learn from anyone else?

We pride our business on professionalism, affordability, and up to date safe teaching and operating techniques. We offer free pick up and drop off in most areas. We instruct teen drivers, adult drivers, as well assentor citizen drivers. All of our vehicles have a five star safety rating and are equipped with dual control brakes. Five O Driving School is insured with full liability coverage plans; which is a requirement from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

 We believe in delivering the best customer service at a fair and reasonable price. Give us a call today! 

 Expert Bakersfield Driving School, the #1 Bakersfield Driving School, Five ODS


  • Patient, Reliable, and Friendly Staff
  • Owned and Operated by first responders
  • 5 Star Safety rated, Dual Control Vehicles
  • Experts of Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Laws
  • Door to Door Service, 7 days a week
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • DMV Certified
  • Real world lessons from prior law enforcement officers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — After careers in law enforcement, James Barnard and John Rhoades recruited other former officers to teach new drivers in Kern County the rules of the road.
Five O driving school employs instructors that have once served as first responders.

“Instructors from the Bakersfield Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, the Kern County Sheriff’s Department and they have all been on accidents,” said Barnard. “They have been on fatality accidents where they have seen loved ones come to the accident scenes and they are devastated. Through Five O Driving School, Barnard hopes the accidents he’s seen won’t be in vain.

“If we could prevent one accident at our school, that is our goal,” said Barnard.

Mark Rhoads is an instructor at Five O Driving School after 34 years with California Highway Patrol. He says in his career, he’s picked up on mistakes that he can now address with student drivers first-hand.

“Some of the things that I teach them may help them out down the road keep them from having an accident that I have seen happen,” said Rhoads.


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